Do I need a Process Server ??

Need a Process Server ? –   Serving a court order can be a stressful time, especially when you have to do all the work yourself. Understandably you can save money by not hiring a process server, and even have the satisfaction of knowing when the papers have been served.

However, there is much more work to this than you may think, which is why a professional is still the right choice for you.


Avoiding Complications 

Legal matters are something which should be dealt with cautiously and professionally. If you are doing this work yourself with no previous experience, there is a chance that you could compromise the legal process or possibly draw out legal proceedings further. Whereas our process servers know exactly what’s involved with serving your papers and preventing untimely delays.

If an inexperienced server doesn’t complete the form properly, leaves a box unchecked which shouldn’t be or leaves a piece of information missing, you could be at risk of having to restart the whole process and re-sending papers again months later. This can be an incredibly frustrating experience that you should try to avoid at all costs. This is why you must make sure you get reliable and trustworthy process servers such as Kent Legal.


Following the Rules

If you didn’t already know, you cannot serve papers yourself as you’re legally not allowed to do so. This is why a process server will help, by ensuring papers are served correctly and in line with legal procedure.

Enlisting a professional to do the job also removes the emotional connection you would have with the server and prevents delays or frustration along with preventing friends of family from being dragged into your legal matters.


Many clients we have spoken with say they were thinking about asking a family member or friend to do the service but eventually decided they did not want to drag someone else into their legal problems. There are also cases where a friend has tried to serve, however the defendant was hard to get hold of and without the knowledge of a professional process server, the friend who was willing to help did not know that affecting a valid blinding service was the correct course of action.


Your Benefit

You may think that, coming from a legal services business, we’re biased. However,  we recommend enough that you hire the services of a professional to take care of matters.

you’ll will be getting is the experience, time and effort of a server that knows the field and can ensure that the job will be done quickly and first time by a professional. We can ensure that the benefits of hiring a pro will make up for your investment tenfold, even if you don’t get the money back from your defendant.

So why not avoid all those risks and get the job done right by saving countless hours, money, and frustration. Contact them today on 01634 568858 or visit our website.