Our company solicitors / barristers are available to assist you with a variety of Legal  matters.

We also deal with all of the following matters and have solicitors available to help you…

  • Family Law,
  • Criminal Law,
  • Housing Law,
  • Immigration Law.
  • Litigation

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Family Law

Our Solicitors Approach to Family Law

We believe that family law issues should be dealt with in the most constructive andpositive way possible. We focus on helping you achieve a positive outcome that works for everyone involved. Our approach works to encourage agreement wherever possible – potentially avoiding Court proceedings and helping to minimise legal costs.

Should you require the protection of a Non-Molestation Order / Occupation Order / Family Act Orders We can help same day / Urgent Case’s

If your case needs to be negotiated or if you do need to go to Court, our competitive rates will ensure you have the best expertise at the right price.

Criminal Law

We have a team of strong team of lawyers who have expertise in all levels of Criminal Offences, from minor Public Order Offences to more serious offences such as gang related Murders and organised crime drug offences, some of which have been reported in the National News.

We specialise in the preparation and presentation of complex legal arguments which result in a high number of not guilty verdicts.

At the Police station, our solicitors and legal representatives are confident, assertive and highly professional. We have in depth knowledge of the police codes of practice, which means that our clients are represented to a very high standard.

We are hard working and dedicated team of professionals who are motivated to get the best result for our clients. Our level of commitment ensures that our clients are given the best legal advice available and obtain the best result possible.

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