PROCESS SERVERS Process Servers  If you need a professional, reliable and efficient Process Server in the UK or beyond our team of experienced process servers will ensure your documents are personally served within days of your instruction. WHY CHOOSE US AS YOUR PROCESS SERVING COMPANY? Full UK Coverage – International service available Quick Turnaround Times – Documents usually served with [...]

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what is / How to Obtain a Non-Molestation Order

How to Obtain a Non-Molestation Order if you are unfortunate enough to be a domestic violence victim, you can apply for an injunction or ‘non-molestation order’. A non-molestation order can be used to protect you and your family from harm or from being threatened by your abuser. If the person named in the order breaks it, they can be arrested. [...]

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Chaperone Service

Court Chaperone Going to Court ? Need a Court Chaperone - we understand how daunting and somewhat scary it can be to attend court, we can provide a chaperone to attend with you, also giving you the benefit of having an independent witness should the need arise. Should you or your clients need additional support at court hearings, we have [...]

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Statutory Demands

Statutory Demands are becoming more and more frequently used when recovering debts from individuals or companies. The threat of what might happen once a statutory demand is served is so great that the debtor should take the service of the demand very seriously and deal with it promptly. Statutory Demands work in recovering your money much quicker than the county [...]

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International process servers

International Process Servers International Process Servers are a firm of specialist operating Worldwide. Looking for an international process server? - You want to make sure you choose a process server who is familiar with the procedure and can handle your service efficiently. In addition to national process service, we offer international process service. Utilizing both The Hague Convention, International Process [...]

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