Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence   – it’s so important that both men & women know there is help out there!

with a huge increase in Domestic violence at this difficult time with Lockdown increasing the time that you spend alone with an abuser

It may be a very hard first step to take but Our family solicitors are available to ensure you have the protection of the legal system. Ex Parte orders (without notice to other person ) Non – molestation (injunctions) and occupation orders. ( removed from home regardless of if in joint names (mortgaged or rental).

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If you are in immediate danger, call 999 and ask for the police. If you can’t speak and are calling on a mobile press 55 to have your call transferred to the police. Find out how to call the police when you can’t speak.

For free, confidential advice, 24 hours a day contact a domestic abuse helpline.

Household isolation instructions do not apply if you need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse.

How to call the police when you can’t speak

If you are in danger and unable to talk on the phone, call 999 and listen to the questions from the operator and, if you can, respond by coughing or tapping on the handset.

Call 999 from a mobile

If prompted, press 55 to Make Yourself Heard and this will transfer your call to the police. Pressing 55 only works on mobiles and does not allow police to track your location.